Real Talk

Life isn’t always unicorns and rainbows especially when living with a chronic illness … My goal with this blog has been to create a positive space to motivate others who are experiencing similar health challenges- motivation can also come from vulnerabilities of our conditions as #warriors.  

Feeling uncertain and vulnerable is part of the process and as much as we try to stay positive, we’re bound to feel some kind of blues.  

This week my anxiety has been off the charts which make my symptoms worse, but as hard as I try to keep it together, I seem to lose it. I feel like I’ve gotten pretty good at masking it and that is part of the reason I’ve had an extremely busy week.  

I’ve gotten much better at dealing with my panic attacks and anxiety in general (it is still work in progress)..

Over time I’ve learned to include the following into my routine:

1) Seeing a professional

2) Taking deep breaths

3) Meditating (I’ll discuss my practices in a future blog)

4) Writing my thoughts down in the moment really help channel those emotion 

5) Questioning the thought process- I ask myself if I can do anything about the thought and control it before it controls me.

I share this as a reminder that no matter what, you are stronger than your struggles. You control what you do and how you want to live.

I hope this was somewhat helpful. Please let me know if there is something in particular you’d like me to talk about and I’d love to connect with you on social.. Instagram @strongerwithmsblog | Twitter @strongerwithms

Stay strong and keep fighting warriors!!! 🧡

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