MS Buddy..

MS symptoms are different from one patient to another because of its effect on the central nervous system… And it is difficult for MS patients to explain what they are actually feeling or how they are feeling to people around them. It is a lot easier to talk about what you’re experiencing to somebody who is going through a similar journey.

My MS Buddies and I text each other regularly; because we live in different states, it is harder to see each other in person. There are days I feel a certain way and it is easier for me to text my buddy than texting my family or my non MS friends because I know I am experiencing a symptom during that moment or just an after effect of the condition.

There will be days that you will wake up sad or upset but you won’t know why but that’s okay.. Your body is going through a lot that is not visible to the eye but instead of continuing to feel that way, text, call, or email your buddy because they’ll understand what you’re feeling.

As you progress through your diagnosis and treatment, make sure to connect with people who are in the same boat as you. There are a lot of resources available through the MS society, Neurologists, and social media platforms.. Or just shoot me an email and I would be more than happy to be your MS Buddy because I would want you as my MS Buddy in our Warrior Society.. 😉

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