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School and Multiple Sclerosis

I thought this was an ideal time to write this post. I am so fortunate to have the opportunities that I have and sometimes I wonder if I am making the most of every resource that I have. Any who, I just graduated from my Undergraduate program, and I won’t lie, it has been a […]

Disease Modifying Therapy…

Disclaimer: I am not a healthcare professional and everything I write in this post is solely from my experience during my diagnosis and research for treatment options.   “Disease-modifying therapies (DMTs) are treatments that can reduce the activity and progression of multiple sclerosis (MS). They can be useful for both people with relapsing-remitting MS (RMS) and relapses of […]

Because Science

Hello readers! The past few weeks have been crazy between work, school, and life but I am happy to report that I have been vaccinated!   I got my first shot of the Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine earlier this month, thankfully I only experienced slight arm soreness for a couple of days after the first shot. I got […]

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